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Damping and noise reduction coating is a new type of environmentally friendly coating that can effectively reduce structural vibration and noise. It consists of a damping layer and a constraining layer. Its principle is to convert the mechanical energy of vibration into heat energy and dissipate it, so that the vibration energy that produces noise is greatly attenuated.




Damping and noise reduction coating is mainly used for the parts that generate vibration and noise, including compartments for equipment, ships, engine rooms, engine casing and body, fan casing and air duct, AC compressor base plate, etc. And the places like meeting rooms, restaurants, where quietness is required.


Product Features:


  • Good damping performance, high bonding strength, long-term and reliable service life, and greatly saves maintenance costs, 

  • -Environmentally friendly, using water as a solvent, non-toxic, no peculiar smell. 

  • Various construction methods such as spraying, brushing, and roller coating can be flexibly selected;

  • -Salt water(3%) and oil resistance ≥720h

  •  Damping loss factor ≥0.1tanδf

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